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Reverse Osmosis RO System | Phoenix, Arizona | Plumbing Service


Have you ever considered a water filtration system? With many people giving up soda and turning to the more healthy alternative, water, it may have crossed your mind. Anyone who lives in our extreme desert climate can attest that nothing quenches thirst quite like water. Just hike Camelback Mountain any time after March or April here in the valley of the sun and you soon realize that you need it a few steps into your climb. Having a reverse osmosis system at home is a luxury that is almost a necessity due to our less than appealing tap water in Phoenix. Below are the benefits of having a reverse osmosis system:

Removes contaminants: RO systems are made up of membranes that filter out the majority of microscopic organisms and metals such as

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Copper
  • Nitrates and Nitrites
  • Selenium
  • Radium
  • Barium

Removes sodium from soft water: The ion exchange process that water softeners use replaces hard minerals with sodium molecules. The RO system will filter that sodium out which leads to better tasting water. Soft water is easier on the RO system so having both systems is the ideal set up.

No more need to buy bottled water: Aside from being bad for the environment, bottled water is expensive. Instead, fill up a reusable stainless steel vacuum sealed sports bottle and take it with you where ever you go. They are a must during the summer here and keep the ice water cold even if left in your car for a while.

Crystal clear ice cubes: Tap water tends to produce cloudy cubes which are the result of the impurities and gasses in the tap water crystallizing as it freezes. RO systems produce crystal clear ice cubes that don’t melt as fast as the softer tap water cubes.

Better tasting water: Last but not least the water from RO just tastes better which makes achieving your required water intake easier. Plus, it makes better tasting coffee, tea and lemonade for example!

Maloney Plumbing offers Reverse Osmosis and Water Softening Systems to fit your needs and budget. Our friendly technicians would be happy give you an in home estimate at your convenience. Just call us to set up an appointment!

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