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maloney plumbing truck of month
Truck of the Month! | Phoenix Plumber

We are so excited to be named Truck of the Month by Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine. Nicole Krawcke wrote a great article about Maloney Plumbing’s history in Phoenix and the inspiration behind our new logo and truck design. Take a moment to check out the…

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Kitty Maloney truck
Maloney Plumbing News | Phoenix Plumber

It’s an exciting time here at Maloney Plumbing! Our truck wraps with our new logo were unveiled recently and have been getting a great response from our customers. Many thanks to Dan Antonelli at Kickcharge Creative! We explained what we were looking for and they…

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Kids Swimming
Tips For Lower Water Bills | Arizona Plumbing Service

It’s no surprise that our water bills go up during the summer. Kids are home from school so more showers and baths need to happen, pools need to be refilled and there are so many more clothes to wash! Then if you go on vacation, there are a plethora of things that can happen in your absence. Here are 5 tips to help plumb-proof your summer and maybe reduce that water bill a little.

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Reverse Osmosis RO System | Phoenix, Arizona | Plumbing Service

Have you ever considered a water filtration system? With many people giving up soda and turning to the more healthy alternative, water, it may have crossed your mind. Anyone who lives in our extreme desert climate can attest that nothing quenches thirst quite like water.

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