Kitty with the sisters

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This past summer we were called to help the American branch of the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary at their sanctuary, Canaan In The Desert. They had been experiencing some plumbing issues with drainage of their main line and had multiple visits to fix the pumps they had on the property.

Our job was to provide a 600 to 700 foot sewer line that worked via gravity, not pumps. We are grateful to Buesing Corporation for their wonderful work excavating. We worked in the heat of the summer to re-pipe the sewer line and return the property to look as it did before the job. The sisters were so kind, they baked cookies for the men and kept them in their prayers. We couldn’t have asked for more!

We recently paid a visit to Canaan In The Desert to answer some questions and walk the property the sisters. Here are some images from the job and our visit!

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